Premium Web Broadcast Wedding Services

On your big day Include special friends and guests—no matter where they’re located

Our customized wedding streaming packages. Now you can lose the guilt when planning your destination wedding the way you want. Those who are unable to travel can still be part of the festivities. This service is a great way to give relatives in other states or countries a way to feel part of it all even if they can’t be there in person. When you stream your wedding live, there are no limits to whom you can invite with little concern for cost.

Even if you’re reason for planning a small wedding is budgetary, we have many options. With a small amount of technical knowledge, you can choose our $49.95 package, which includes a web address and streaming services. You simply take care of the setup. Or hire us to do it all—soup to nuts—with a professional film crew and live production staff. And remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. We also offer equipment rentals, remote support, camera people or anything else you need to get your even online live. To request more information or talk about your wedding, call 970-449-1606 or CLICK HERE

Packages include: Equipment, Live Streaming Service, Web Hosting / Page Design
Optional: On-site Engineers, Video Production Team, Photography Team

The internet has ended up being the most important invention of the modern-times. It has become the vehicle of mass video consumption out shinning television, Cable, and satellite. More individuals surf the internet in more nations then in fact own automobiles. In the past broadcasting an even over cable, TV, or even Satellite cost Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollar. So the concept of broadcasting your Wedding across one of these live video mediums was just not reasonable. The internet has changed that entirely with Live Stream Services users can broadcast any event they wish; with every option from full movie production quality to home user camcorder events users are broadcasting more and more content every day.

Live Stream Weddings

An emerging trend in weddings now. Our Live Stream Events are delivering live video events to thousands of viewers a year. We are able to put together a professional video production crew or assist you in setting up your own service. Liquid Broadcast has seven years’ experience in live streaming events in high definition. Our live stream wedding services are custom tailored for each and every event.  This enables us to give you exactly the kind of service you need so that your family and friends can enjoy your wedding day even if they cannot afford to go to the event. Over the years we have worked with a variety of situations and can provide everything from equipment and live stream broadcast to onsite technical staff. We have worked with a number of different video production staff and we have also provided our our live stream video production staff. Our goal is to provide you with a superior live video broadcast so your friends and family can get the most out of your event.

Produced by Emily Joanne Films Professional Video Partner.


Live Stream Instant Replay

Many of our customers love our live stream instant replay feature. That immediately posts an archive of your event online as soon as the live stream has completed. Allowing you and your guests to watch your wedding ceremony as soon as the live stream has concluded.

Live Mobile Streaming

consumed on mobile devices and alarming rate.  Answer For this reason our live stream lighting services include mobile broadcasts answer, these mobile broadcasts can be viewed on ipads tablets I phones and android phones.

Global Coverage

Our streaming network consists of thousands of servers across the globe. These servers relay our live stream data to different regions bringing our live content closer to your viewers. What this means is your family and friends love were consistent reliable service when watching your wedding.

“Give your guests front row seats to your wedding”
Our live video streaming option will now provide your guests an opportunity to feel you front row seat at your essential event.

live-stream-wedding-servicesAny individual can use our streaming service to broadcast your wedding. We will help you evaluate your equipment or we can provide rental equipment and training so that anyone can help you with your event. If you are wanting something a little more professional we can work with our own professional production crew (or the crew of your choice) to provide you with a high-end live movie like production of your mos memorable event.


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