Think about promoting market requirements With the development of the Internet, the only words from the initial page to image, flash, video, high-definition video, extensively utilized, Network Applications are getting rich, CDN architecture is likewise emerging brand-new innovations. From the network media, online games, online video, online music, online neighborhoods, to e-commerce, e-government, 3G mobile web, online Education Network Financial Fields, CDN technology is slowly being a growing number of business make use of the Internet. It is understood that at the recently held “CDN technology and service standards” of the conference, the group from the Century Web CDN’s “average response time, the success rate of user access, service security, CDN CDN node and efficient acceleration impact as consideration the standard “acknowledged by the delegates.

jquery-for-mobile-applicationsIn addition, participants in the CDN system, the source station website system “compatibility”, there are also expressed concern about the high degree. In this regard, Century Web CDN relevant accountable person said: “Century Web CDN customer site system, the system ‘compatibility’, ie anti-Daolian, unique application port launch, distributed deployment of applications, deep access to data analysis, co-synchronous user interface development of custom mistake page jump, big file downloads and other special demands can be fit.” The high compatibility of the individuals won consentaneous approval. Building qualities

concept development platform Integrated numerous these days CDN company of innovation systems, without exception, by the 2 world CDN company, that is, Spotlight Akamai, and impact of technical architecture. The Internet as the present century, China’s largest Internet infrastructure providers, has 14 self-built in the country, the only joint data center and network resources together 8 major carriers (consisting of the education network and technological network). Application of the domestic network interconnection have a deeper understanding of, and thus much better able to understand the needs of consumers CDN. According to the existing structure of China’s Internet, based on Akamai and Spotlight CDN service providers in the two technical analysis, interconnect century constructed in line with our national conditions CDN network, CDN quality of service no more makes the variety of nodes is the identifying factor. This is the century Web CDN CDN service carriers and various other domestic one of the most significant distinctions. Limelight node in accordance with this structure building ideas and Century Internet BGP networks of CDN network infrastructure, with data capture and circulation of fast, big node set cover, the user access to quick response characteristics.

Internet CDN networks present century, providing a fixed acceleration, dynamic acceleration, the whole image deployment, download rate, WMS streaming media acceleration, FMS3.5 speed services. At the exact same time, offering customers based upon BI (company intelligence) systems analysis of the information report. With the focus of CDN quality of service, Century CCTV Web CDN succeeded recognition and praise at home and abroad consumers.

Professional services assist business prosper “CDN is not just an innovation, but also a service” Century Internet Technology Leader at the conference says. CDN

century has been flexible and tailored Internet-based, independent for each consumer environment and resources Server Environment, so about understand the unique application of resources and environment; on the special needs of customers with more flexible “adaptation” ability, a range of configurations to fulfill customer requirements for customers with a much better experience. On the other hand, the Century Center can be connected all the time operation and maintenance CDN CDN node on the network link condition, node equipment operating conditions, the customer site service response, the customer source site condition in real-time network monitoring and management, effective security of the CDN platform operations quality.