HTTP live streaming encoder

Our Cutting edge cloud based encoding solutions enable you to user free video encoding software to send your video to our servers in traditional Flash streaming environment and we chuck it into HTTP video formats for playback in your HTML5 Video players.

Traditionally you needed massive hardware to perform HTTP encoding Not any more read below and see what HTTP encoding used to look like. Today the Liquid Broadcast system completely eliminates the need for specialized hardware.


HTTP Live streaming is not a new concept and many users wonder how to do http live streaming. First thing to know is what is HTTP streaming. HTTp streaming concepts started hitting the mainstream market around 2006 with Apple and Microsoft releasing their own versions of this streaming format. Simply http streaming breaks a video stream down into 2 second segments of video files that are downloaded in sequence. As opposed to traditional streaming http streaming more closely resembles traditional downloads than real video streaming.

The requirements of HTTP Live streaming are very demanding on computer CPU and most encoders that can break up a live video source into these small consecutive chunks are sold by companies that make professional broadcast equipment making it very expensive and out of most consumers price range. If you are looking for a highend encoder for this look at Digital Rapids they make a great product that can encode video into any format including broadcast formats.

If you are looking for a consumer priced solution MS Expression Encoder can do Live Smooth Streaming. This retails for about $200 and is a software video encoder for live smooth streaming (Microsoft’s HTTP Live streaming solution). By combining this software with a video card with CUDA processing you can build a HD smooth streaming encoder for about $2,500 as opposed to $15,000.

Now our html5 video streaming platform supports ingest from traditional RTMP and RTSP video sources the we mux your video into the prefered HTTP delivery mechanism of choice.