HTTP streaming is becoming the new medium for live video hosting and HTML5 video tag is being used to simplify the integration process. As more and more users are using mobile devices the need for video producers and content providers  must find a way to accommodate delivering to mobile users increases on a daily basis. While on demand content is easier to produce for playback the need for live http streaming can drastically increase the cost of equipment required to produce live HTTP streaming content. The Liquid Broadcast CDN has over come this by integrating live stream transcode services. You no longer need heavy duty http live video streaming encoders to deliver your content our new system allows for in stream HTTP live streaming encoding so you can use your traditional h.264 encoders and deliver live HTTP video content.

Live video Streaming Hosting / HTML5 Video Integration

Our Live video streaming hosting ( Broadcast streaming) or live video hosting CDN platform has full HTTP video integration. This includes full MPEG-DASH support, allowing for improved HTTP MBR (Multiple Bit Rate) delivery.  With a massive push for HTML5 video integration our company has spent a lot of time and research into providing the most accurate information and solutions to our clients concerning HTML5 video with Flash or Silverlight roll over.

Our network has been scaled by combining multiple CDN services available for live stream hosting and has been optimized for HD video throughput.  Our HD streaming platform includes HD flash hosting, HLS Live streaming for iOS,  and HD Silverlight silverlight hosting. Each ingest server has been optimized for the barrage of data that Live HD Stream Hosting requires and where many other network drop packets or loose connectivity our network can hold up to the demand. This is essential when broadcasting a live streaming event.

Experts in True HD Streaming

Live-html5-video-streaming-solutionLive HD video streaming hosting is a demanding process, and for the last 4 years we have been reliably delivering live HD video online. We have seen and tested many technologies and over the years and developed the best delivery platforms for streaming live HD videos. Our product team knows and understands HD video and would be happy to answer any question you may have with the transition to HD video.

Live video streaming hardware

Our network has been tested with many HD encoders and works with all of the encoders we have tested , but it is important to point out that not all HD encoders are equal. We have also just release a HD HTTP encoder that can produce 8 layers of HD streaming for Silverlight and iOS HLS streaming. This ground breaking encoder is ideal for the professional consumer who is looking to improve the quality of their live streaming broadcasts.

Traditional broadcast streaming

Our live video streaming hosting service still supports older wms and flash hosting protocols as well as our updated HD HTTP live streaming hosting services. We understand the time and cost involved with migrating over to a HD stream hosting environment and are happy to assist with planning your transition. While at the same time we understand the need to maintain your current live stream hosting services.  That is why we still provide full support and services for older live broadcast streaming services.

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