Live and on demand CDN Hosting – Starting at $19.95 per month

Our CDN services have been hosting video for many different types of businesses from TV stations,  to live sporting events,  to church services, to live music venues for over 5 years now. Our experience has shown that many companies want a simple affordable livestream cdn solution and or a on demand video hosting solution that allows them to easily integrate video with their website. With our frapid video streaming platform you can easily integrate video on your site. We dont have fancy dashboards and all the specialty tools like other video hosting platforms. Yes we can do any kind of custom upgrade you need but most uses never use the fancy custom player tools. Our policy is to save your money and get your video online and commercial free.

Free Trial
30 Days
FRapid Basic
$ 19.95 pm
fRapid Professional
$200 pm
Broadcast Video
Custom Pricing
Bandwidth 20 GB 100 GB $0.26 per GB over 750 GB $0.19 per GB over Custom quote
Storage 20 GB 75 GB $0.75 Per GB over 400 GB $0.50 per GB over Custom Quote
upload Limit
Per upload
web interface Web Interface 2GB
FTP unlimited
Web Interface 2GB
FTP unlimited
Web Interface 2GB
FTP unlimited
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account manager
account manager
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