So it’s your daughter’s first dance recital and she was amazing and you captured it all on video You want to show your family and friends but its too big to send by email and you don’t want to put it on youtube for the whole world to see. You just want a fast easy way to share it with your family and friends. Welcome to Ebb Tide a fast multimedia sharing platform by Liquid Broadcast. Our unique sharing platform allows you to privately share your video files and photos online with your family and friends without sharing with the rest of the world.  Most packages start of the simple price of a cup of coffee.  Our video sharing in distribution network has been working with television studios and private companies for the past five years.  Now we won offer this amazing service to the general public. Now it’s your turn to harness the power of our network to privately share your videos, pictures, and other files of your choice.  I know there’s 100 file sharing solutions out there but nothing quite like ours.  Our network was designed and built with multimedia in mind.  So you can easily share of video to your brother’s tablet, your mother’s computer, and your friends’ cell phone call from the click of one button.

video-sharing-solutions-that-workBut our multimedia share on platform is more than just a file storage in sharing solution.  It also allows you to easily integrate your videos and images into your website.  Not only that, it provides full content delivery for files too large for Email.

Our video sharing solution (Ebb Tide) is an extremely hassle-free, web interface.  With online videos and photo-sharing growing by leaps and bounds. Ebb Tide provides a convenient way to share your multimedia files between your devices, including idevices, Android devices and traditional laptops and desktop computers.

Whether you are modifying your household videos, or attempting to make a brief video to put online, our cutting edge application is readily available to you. We have hosting packages for the general user to the professional video production company that needs to share and distribute files across globe.